We Need A Revolution with Dan Tafari – New EP !

I am very pleased indeed to share a new release! I have worked with the talented vocalist Dan Tafari to produce a six-track EP of conscious roots reggae. The album consists of two full songs with vocals (“We Need A Revolution” and “I Cry”), corresponding dub versions (“Dub Your Revolution” and “Mother Nature”) and the riddims/instrumentals of each track, presented in an unmastered format so all you vocalists out there can do your own vocals if you wish.

The pace of the first track “We Need A Revolution” is slightly faster than what Dan usually does, so this one has more of a hip-hop feel to the vocals. I wrote the riddim about six months ago, but it was only when I added horns to it that I felt it had legs. I am really pleased with the sharp, conscious lyrics that Dan provided and the passionate way in which they are delivered –

The corresponding dub version of this track features snippets of vocals and a strange, haunting delay on the piano.

The second song (third on the EP) called “I Cry” deals with more consious themes in a slower roots style. For this track I was greatly inspired by the song “Zimbabwe” by lesser-known UK roots group Dambala, and the verse is loosely based on the classic Real Rock riddim, perhaps best known as Willi Williams’ “Armagideon Time“, which was famously covered by the Clash –

For the dub version of this track, I decided to colour the riddim with a few guitar licks, drenched in reverb. I was very pleased with the result!

You can download all the tracks FREE at Bandcamp by clicking this link – I reccomend that you do download the tracks to listen to, only because the quality of the Bandcamp player is not great.

This is the first in what I hope will be a long series of EPs where I work with different vocalists from around the world. I’m also releasing a mixtape soon so stay tuned. I hope you like the record.



We Need A Revolution (new song)

I’ve just finished mixing a new song with Dan Tafari. His vocal is upon a fairly old riddim of mine which had stayed unused until I had the idea to add horns to it. Dan said that the riddim is more fast paced than what he is used to, but I feel the hip-hop style vocal works really nicely against the instrumental.The lyrics carry a socially conscious theme and revolutionary/anti-illuminati ideas. Link below –

Please check out Dan’s work at http://soundcloud.com/dantafari – we hope to bring you more songs and possibly an EP some time soon. I am working on a dub version of this song as well; it’s kind of difficult to get the bass sound without destroying my speakers…