Thoughts on the new Soundcloud format

As those of you who use Soundcloud will be aware, the site is undergoing a change in look and feel, but also a more underhanded change in format. I have expressed my thoughts in an audio post below, but as I’m not a great speaker I thought I’d articulate my concerns in a bulleted list (you know, because the internet loves lists of things).

  • Since Souncloud made the switch in format, I have experienced a significant drop in activity on my tracks – less plays, downloads and comments.
  • The “artists” that Soundclown suggests I follow include a number of corporate institutions that have no relevance to my music or interests. These include a newspaper, a coffee brand and an energy drink manufacturer.
  • I speculate that it is only a matter of time before Soundclod’s activity stream is polluted with the irrelevant and asinine output from the aforementioned institutions, as is currently observed on sites like Fakebook.
  • I also speculate that Soundcrowd is going to be made more like a streaming music service for consumers (similar to Spotify etc) and less of a community for musicians and producers. The community spirit is what makes me passionate about keeping Soundcloud as it is – if this is taken away, I may well close my account and move elsewhere.

A link to the audio file is below – please also make use of the avatar I created in green gold & red – I’m starting to see it around Soundcloud already, which makes me glad.



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